Melt Away Fat

New Year Resolution to Lose Weight and Get Healthier

  • The average person gains a pound each week over the holiday
  • Even small amounts of holiday weight gain are seldom lost
  • Two-third of U.S. adults are overweight or obese

Even if you didn’t make a weight loss resolution, it’s OK.  You can still melt away pounds the winter and sport  healthy new Vibe this spring (Hey, just in time for swim suit season!).  But remember – it takes more than desire to make a change.  IT TAKES ACTION.  That’s why you need to take the LSVIBE 30-Day PLEDGE today.


Think of the LSVIBE 30-Day Pledge as the utimate roadmap to weight-loss freedom.  It’s a simple habit-shifting program that shows you exactly how to shift your body and your lifestyle – in just 30 days!

Why do you need the pledge?  Because research shows that people who use willpower alone seldom achieve the results they want.  That’s why having a plan is so important.  If you follow the steps to reach your goal (don’t worry, we’ll lay it all out for you), then there’s no room for failure!

And here’s the icing on the cake:  the LSVIBEPledge is actually fun AND easy to follow!  No counting points or calories, no food journals and NO GOING HUNGRY!

  • 6 day a week fresh food plan with one free day
  • Simple leading-edge tracking that you can do from anywhere – just answer a few ‘yes or no’ questions each day.  This will track your progress and give you accountability and motivation!
  • Choose from two plans depending on your weight loss goals:  Lose a Little or Lose a Lot
  • Online dashboard with menu plans, grocery store maps, exercise tips, videos and more
  • A culture that empowers you through true education

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve tried to lose weight a million times and failed!”  Most likely, that’s because you’re starving yourself and following a plan that doesn’t actually take care of your body.  The 30-day Pledge is different.  It features two amazing products to help you on your journey to permanent weight-loss freedom:  LSVIBE Protein Shakes and Life Shotz!

LS VIBE PROTEIN SHAKES: Discover guilt-free indulgence with our creamy and delicious LSVIBE Protein Shakes.  They’re loaded with 20 grams of pea protein and 3 grams of fiber to help you feel full.  Choose from two great flavors:  Vive Vanilla or Chiseled Chocolate.  Replace one meal a day with a shake to Lose a Little, and two meals a day to Lose a Lot!

  • Proprietary greens blends (includes super-foods like kale, broccoli and spinach) to boost your nutrition and stave off cravings.
  • Complete amino acid profile to help your muscles rebuild after a workout
  • Patent pending Zychrome supports healthy insulin level

LIFE SHOTZ: This all-natural nutrition drink comes in the form of a potent powder that you just need to mix with water.  It has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to get in great shape!  Life Shotz is the spark to ignite your weight-loss goals and help you feel and sleep better than you have in ages!

  • Increases natural energy through B-vitamins
  • Contains natural mood boosters, like 500% DV of vitamin D
  • Loaded with antioxidants to boost your immune system

When you take the 30-Day Pledge, you just might find your pounds melting away faster than Frosty the Snowman on a sunny winter day.  So don’t settle for another year of “the same old thing” – complaining about your weight but never doing anything about it.  You can change, and it takes desire AND action!  So take the first step RIGHT NOW and take the 30-Day Pledge!

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